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The Perfect Wheel 100/100

LIGHTWEIGHT CRUSHES ITS COMPETITION. How well do premium wheels perform in the so called Champions League? In its issue (04/2017) RoadBIKE tested 14 carbon wheels in terms of rim- and disc brake performance. Testing critera were: heat resistance, pad wear, lateral stiffness, torsion stiffness, manoeuverability and of course built and riding impressions. The following manufacturers took up the challenge:

Across, Easton, Knight, Mavic, Reynolds, Zipp and Lightweight

The two Lightweight wheels (Meilenstein Clincher and Meilenstein C Disc) won by a wide margin and literally pulverized their competitors. The clincher version of Lightweight scored a perfect 100 out of 100 while the disc variant reached an impressive 88 out of a 100 possible points. In conclusion, Meilenstein Clincher has had a history of development and still sets the pace for carbon based wheels. The outstanding performance of Meilenstein C Disc proves that Lightweight has done its homework regarding disc brakes. Both wheels catapult the rider forward without loss of energy. The name says it all.

Maximum score – Lightweight’s Meilenstein out runs its competitors.

No surprise, if you consider the price tag, one may argue. On the other hand, optimum values on weight, lateral stiffness and maneuverability, as well as great build and top riding impressions speak for themselves.

The propulsion while pedaling is just insane, although the very narrow rim appears a little antiquated compared to its competitors. The brakes ask for a little more force from your hands and the surface abrasion is very high. After a few brake applications we noticed structural changes on the surface of the rim and a few stains from the brake pad.

Conclusion: Slightly aged classic that still plays in the upper league.

Lightweight can do disc too, as this test model impressively demonstrates. In each and every category it clearly sets itself apart from its competition and is only beaten by its own in house competitor. The torsional stiffness sets a new record value - particularly for disc brake where this is critical. Sprint have a catapult like propulsion with no energy loss.

If you’re looking for comfort, look elsewhere. The braking heat is distributed evenly onto the unusual pentagonal hub, even the flange on the opposite side to the disc and the carbon spokes started heating up – without causing delaminations.

Conclusion: Outstanding performance, if only for wealthy users.

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