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BOND - An original patent for a revolutionary frame

The only monocoque made by Cipollini, which is not a single-piece, it boats a revolutionary patented construction system with triangle + rear axle fitting called Atomlink. It allows great reactivity and power transfer to the ground, comparable to the best monocoques. Comfortable despite being aggressive and rigid, it is precise and elastic when descending. Asthetically elegant, it also stands out in terms of sturdiness and great resistance to stresses. An unbeatable frame in its segment.

What makes the Bond so special The number one secret: original ideas, which we patent (we don't copy anyone). The second secret is the maniacal Italian craftsmanship (unlike the Asian industrial assembly line). The third secret is my endless pursuit of perfection. I guard these three secrets closely, but will grant them to you, enthusiasts like me - Mario Cipollini 

    Cipollini BOND Frameset Rim Brake

    $4,999.00 Regular Price
    $4,499.00Sale Price
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