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MICRO-BODYIt is the main fabric used for the knitting. It is a polyester micro- fiber incredibly light with a structure that provides a micro-compression and high coverage. The micro perforations on the outer surface increases ventila- tion, fast-drying. Weight 130gr/mq. UPF 50+. On the back: an insert made of a fast drying fabric with triangular structure and carbon thread. The carbon promotes the feeling of well-being by absorbing and dissipating the electrical charges weather. It also protects the body from electrosmog and UV rays. It is naturally antibacterial and also carbon fibers also contribute to accelerate the evaporation of moisture, keeping the skin dry and fresh. Weight 110 gr/mq.


CUFFS AND HEM – DOUBLE CONTACT SYSTEMElastic system made with double layer fabric coupled. Inside presents a fabric with carbon while outside the fabric is microperforated. This system elastic shaped effectively keeps the vest snugly in the arm during the race and allows accurate fit.

Cipollini Prestige Summer Jersey Man

  • We will endevour to keep as much stock available for express shipping in Australia. However in order to offer full color and size options to the market some orders may require up to 4 weeks for delivery.


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