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THE ONE refers to the one bike Mario Cipollini would choose as his single bike if he could only ride one. It is the Cipollini RB1K. If the name seems familiar, it’s because the bike is an update to RB1000. The RB1000 was stiff and aero, putting you in a position that pro riders love, long and low. The RB1K has been updated to be 20% stiffer, 120g lighter, and much more.

Cipollini loves bikes that are explosive and edgy. The geometry remains largely unchanged, with an aggressive seat angle, short 405mm stays, 45mm fork rake, and a short head tube. They’ve opened up sizing possibilities on the front end, thanks to a new head tube top cap, that raises the head tube 18mm over the top tube. This allows for less flexible riders to find the handlebar position they like with the reach they like. For those who like to get long and low, the piece can be removed and the stem still run super-low.

The shaping has changed in subtle ways. The fork has been reshaped for greater comfort, but still slashes like a razor, thanks to both the carbon-fiber layup and the tapered 1 ¼” to 1 ½” steerer.

The carbon-fiber is still fronted by Toray’s T1000 cloth. The shaping is still extensive and pronounced. The head tube is pointy the fork crown nestles into a cutout between the top and down tubes. The downtube curves around the front wheel and the seat tube shrouds the rear wheel, along with extensively shaped seatstays. The dropouts have been reshaped for extra strength.

Wherever you look, this bike has been shaped for stiffness. The BB386 bottom bracket is wide and presents a great platform for limiting torsional flex. The downtube flares out at the bottom to help it get even stiffer. The down and top tubes join behind the head tube. Even though there’s a low stack height, the seatstays are big and the seatpost oversized. This is a bike that is a rocket to drive.

While Mario was a sprinter, rockets also have their place under people who want to accelerate hard and fast. The stiffness, whether wielded on a flat road, or a steep grade, results in more forward energy. In other words, if you like attacking climbs, this bike works for you, too.

The seatpost is another one of the major changes in the RB1K. They used to have a seat mast. The separate post, 500mm long, with 140mm needing to stay inside the frame, adjusts via a hidden binder clamp. The standard post has 25mm setback and can handle both metal and carbon rails. If you need a post with zero setback, it is available as an after-market accessory.

Cipollini has also come with features that make the bike good for just about everyone. The shaping of the fork and stays has been done to give room for tires up to 28mm in width. The bike is set up to work with mechanical, electronic, and wireless shifting. It comes with stops, plugs, and plates to make this possible. If you go Di2 or EPS, the battery goes in the seatpost. It also comes with a headset.

The Cipollini RB1K THE ONE doesn’t flinch.

This is for the frame set only.

Cipollini RB1K The One - FRAME SET

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