Lightweights Fernweg wheels are established names at time trial and triathlon competitions. Each time aerodynamics meets acceleration, stiffness and high speed, those speed weapons are present. 
The Fernweg range has a new member: The new FW 60. With the Fernweg FW 60 Lightweight extended the field of use of this range in the direction of the better handling. The wheel stays unperturbed, even at squally crosswinds. The athlete can remain in the aero-position and can bring his maximum performance. In combination with the Fernweg 80 rear wheels, every triathlon- or road bike turns into a speed-weapon. Be faster but with full control and safety - safe the decisive watt - for the win. 

The unique sandwich-construction of the Lightweight wheels is one of the reasons for the low weight paired with maximum stiffness and directional stability at the same time. The special foam inside enables minor laminate wall thickness, especially in the area of the spokes and the braking surface. Extremely high torsional stiffness of the rim is the result. Additionally the sandwich-construction increases the resistance against fracture and sound insulation. Therefore Lightweight wheels are less noisy and brake as smooth as aluminum wheels. The cohesive rim construction also prevents the ingress of water, which leads to more weight while riding in the rain. 

Fernweg front wheel 60 - arguments: 

  • optimized aerodynamics at crosswinds
  • for the aerodynamic allround-road-use
  • first choise for mid- and long distance triathletes at curvy and windy tracks
  • easy handling with clincher tyres
  • redefined brake performance at dry and wet conditions

The 28 inch carbon wheels are delivered with one set of Lightweight quick releases, one set of Lightweight brake pads and aluminium valve extensions as well as a Lightweight wheel bag for two wheels. The rear wheel is equipped with a hub with DT Swiss technology and an easily changeable rotor for Campagnolo 9/10/11-speed or for Shimano 9/10/11-speed and SRAM 10-speed. The new Lightweight front hub offers more compatibility with narrow forks. With laminated magnet (for bike computer) and individually numbered read-only microchip (important for the registration and Wheel Protection) in every wheel.

Lightweight Fernweg 60/80 Tubular

$7,699.00 Regular Price
$6,000.00Sale Price