For the MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER Limited CeramicSpeed Edition two technology leaders from the high end bike segment joined forces to deliver an exclusive set with components made only from the best materials. 

It is an innovative liaison and the perfect match as both, Lightweight and CeramicSpeed, only work with high end materials and handcraft their masterpieces. This made it quite obvious to collaborate on a joint project to produce a superior product set. Lightweight MEILENSTEIN will be equipped with CeramicSpeed wheel bearings in combination with the CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley wheel system. 

The most successful model among Lightweight’s wheels combines precise German engineering, careful handicraft and the toughest quality control. This makes MEILENSTEIN the leading all-rounder on the streets with impressive stiffness and weight values. 

It’s the material that makes a difference. The CeramicSpeed OSPW-System doesn’t only look good, it also utilizes only the best components. This system combines the most high-grade materials with a unique design. The immediate benefits are less friction, longer durability and saving of energy of up to 30-40%. 

But Lightweight MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER Limited CeramicSpeed Edition can do even more: less inert mass, more high-tech and subsequently, agility like out of a new dimension. Or in short: The lightest and stiffest carbon wheel to be found on this planet. 

CeramicSpeed decided to raise the bar even further and refined the ceramic bearings with an extremely thin protective layer on the running surface (app. 2-3 micrometres). This makes the bearing more resilient against dirt, increases durability and reduces friction. 

This perfect and exclusive design is refined with silver and poses an optical upgrade for every bike. The silver foliation makes a strong impression on the all-black background. The cage of the CeramicSpeed OSPW was designed particularly for this limited edition and utilizes a silver/black finishing to match the patterns typical for carbon fibre. The lower switch roll has been purposely kept in silver. All the components are complemented with a spefically designed wheel bag. If you are looking for something special – this is it. 

This set can only be purchased within the scope of the Limited CeramicSpeed Edition. Buy now and ride an exclusive Lightweight special edition that is only produced in very limited quantities.


Obermayer Limited Ceramic Speed Edition