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URGESTALT 2019 is a carbon frame that is perfectly matched to our wheels.

By matching all components (frame, fork and wheels) the riding characteristics become foreseeable. Safety is increased dramatically by unparalleled brake control due to the disc braked wheels. This is an important aspect for every racing cyclist. Another key aspect in the development was the compatibility of the frame to the wheels and all other components. The seat tube is made for a seat post with a diameter of 27,2 mm, both, frame and fork are made for a width of up to 28 mm and URGESTALT 2019 is also compatible to all electronic and mechanical groupsets. The cables are routed internally and make for a tidy and stylish design, which was important to us even regarding our new coloured models. URGESTALT 2019 will be available in a disc and non-disc version.

As in the past we have exclusively utilized materials that are usually used in the aerospace industry. This is due to the fact that the Wissler group is a strong partner of industry leading aerospace companies such as Airbus and the ESA who ensure exclusive access to advanced materials. This is an important aspect distinguishing us from the competition.

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