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The main fabric is made with carbon yarn to improve the performance and perspiration thanks to the small holes in the surface. Carbon is used to impro- ve the welfare dissipating the electrical charges of the atmosphere and for its antibacterial properties. In addition, the carbon helps circulation blood and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Weight 160 gr/mq.

CROTCH PANTS: ZAFFIROZaffiro is a material Lycra Power certificated used for the interior parts of the pants that are in contact with the saddle. Great for its features: anti-abrasion, compactness and density, as well as for its multidirectional elasticity, Built to be performant in time, ZAFFIRO is particularly suited for use that require dura- bility, comfort and performance. Weight 200 gr/mq. UPF 50 +.

PRINTED INSERTS: SHIELDShield is a certified Lycra which is produced using exclusively polyester yarn super-opaque Thickness 40. It is an ideal fabric to be used for sportswe- ar printed due to its resistance to color. Even after many uses and washes the colors remain bright and do not fade. Its special polyester yarn opaque provides excellent coverage. Weight 240 gr/mq. UPF 50 

Cipollini Prestige Summer Bib Man

  • We will endevour to keep as much stock available for express shipping in Australia. However in order to offer full color and size options to the market some orders may require up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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